The Pokemon Go Winter Event is here!

The Pokemon Go Winter Event is here!

Christmas is fast approaching and with the festive season in full swing Pokémon Go has launched its 2018 Winter Event.

Starting December 18th Ice-type Pokèmon will appear more frequently out in the wild. These will include: Jynx, Sneasal, Swinub, Snorunt, Spheal and Snover. In addition, some other Pokémon will be getting in the festive spirit! Pikachu can be found wearing a Christmas hat! All of this will be possible until January 2nd. 

Event Dates and Times

Winter Event begins 18th December 2018 at 9 PM GMT until January 2nd 2019 at 9 PM GMT. 

• Pikachu and Deliburd appear in festive hats. 
• Ice-type Pokèmon will appear more frequently. 
•  Smoochum, Azurill and Munchlax will have a greater chance of hatching from 7KM Eggs. 
• For one day at a time, Pokèstop that you spin on your adventures you will receive one single use egg incubator per day.
• New items are available in the Style Shop that feature Deliburd. 

Bonus Activations Times and Dates

To go along with the bonus Pokèmon sighting you can also expect some other extras across various days:

• Earn bonus candies for catching and transferring your Pokèmon from the 18th of December 2018 at 9 PM GMT.
• Earn Double Stardust for catches from 22.12.2018 at 9 PM GMT.
• Earn Double Catch XP 26.12.2018 at 9 PM GMT. 
• Earn Double Incubator Effectiveness from 30.12.18 at 9 PM GMT. 

I am super excited to get out and explore the 2018 Winter Event in Pokémon Go! Especially for the festive Pikachu.

What is your favourite thing about this event so far? Feel free to share your catches with me on Twitter. You can also share them in our Pokèmon section of Discord!

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