Shining a positive light on gaming: Video Games and Wellness

Shining a positive light on gaming: Video Games and Wellness

Anyone who actively participates in video gaming or online gaming communities will know that there are very negative connotations associated with gaming. Especially in 2018 with compulsive video gaming actually being dubbed as a diagnosable addiction. With that in mind, I wanted to bring some positive light to gaming and show how video games can actually do some good to our health and well-being. I am a strong believer that gaming, in moderation, actively contributes to a persons wellness and here is why:

Games can encourage us to exercise:

I don’t know about you but I have never been a fan of exercise. I hated PE in school and I never really felt good at sports. Some video games though made exercising incredibly fun and engaging.

Just Dance – Enjoy your favourite songs while you and your family or friends battle to nail all the dance moves to achieve the highest score. I used to play this by myself in my room to burn a few calories!

Pokémon Go – The introduction of Pokémon Go means players no longer have to sit indoors on a gaming console to “Catch ‘Em All”. Anyone can install Pokémon Go on their phone for free and get outside to go catch all their favourite pokémon.

I had a serious problem a few months ago where I would not go outside for months on end. Playing Pokémon Go definitely helped me to get outside and enjoy being out of the house instead of fearing it.

Games bring people together:

Sometimes it can be really hard to find people who enjoy the same things that you do. Online gaming is huge and now its easier than ever to make new friends and socialize. The world can be a lonely place sometimes, but knowing you have a group of friends who you can talk to any time over Discord or Skype is comforting.

Video Games Improve Cognitive Skills:

Playing video games usually involves some form of concentration or deep thought and strategy from our brains. This means our skills like coordination and problem-solving are being actively enhanced. As well as our memory, attention span and concentration, brain speed, multi-tasking, social and learning abilities. Without active engagement, like any skill, they wither and deteriorate.


It is important to keep in mind though that gaming should always be done in moderation like any other hobby, as these positives can quite easily turn into negatives. Too much of anything is never good and that includes gaming. It can be hard to put games down when we are fully immersed or enjoying it but remember to get up and stretch, eat, drink or go get some fresh air.

Do video games have a positive impact on your daily life? If so, how does gaming contribute to your wellness?

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