Animal Crossing 2019 | Thank You Nintendo!

Animal Crossing 2019 | Thank You Nintendo!

I don’t know about you guys but I have been hoping and praying for a new Animal Crossing title for some years now. (I’m not counting Pocket Camp) Every Nintendo Direct I sat with my fingers tightly crossed for something, anything, that would give some indication of a new game.

Then on the night of September 13th me and some friends decided to watch the Nintendo Direct livestream on Twitch together. We watched game after game be showcased and by what we thought was the end of the stream, nothing had been said about Animal Crossing. I was devastated, once again I thought we were getting nothing.

Then Isabelle appears on the screen in her office and my face lights up with joy and delight that the impossible was actually coming true. After some build up I am biting my nails in suspense and tears are already running down my cheeks at the prospect of a new game. Isabelle opens her envelope… it’s Smash. She was going to be added to Smash. My heart sunk, I was livid. My friends laughing so hard because I had been “jebaited” into an actual Animal Crossing announcement.

But that wasn’t the end…

Tom Nook appeared and he had something to say.

THANK YOU NINTENDO! I am extremely excited for one of my favourite games of all time to come to the Switch. What were your reactions to the announcement and what would you like to see in the next AC title?

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