Hello there!

I am Minikin a full-time variety streamer and content creator from the UK. My journey began on YouTube where in 2014 I began regularly posting gaming related content, primarily for The Sims Franchise under the name “LittleMissSimmer”.  On November 1st 2016 I re-branded as “Minikin” and shifted my content to a live streaming platform known as Twitch. I also moved from a single game focus to being a variety creator. For nearly two years now I have been streaming daily building a community of like-minded individuals who like to come together and enjoy a shared love for gaming and generally having a good time. I like to ensure my community represents a strong sense of belonging and support, they are not only viewers but friends to me and each other. I believe this is what sets me and my community apart from other streams on Twitch.

How did you come up with your name?

I decided to re-brand because my old name did not represent me fully as a creator. I felt that it anchored me to one game and that game did not define me and what I wanted to do. Changing my name enabled me to branch out. I decided on the name Minikin because it means “something small or dainty” and I am very small. People often call me Mini for short and my name is Dominique so “mini” is actually in my name as well. It just seemed right!

When do you stream?

I stream on GMT +1 time zone and streams last roughly 3-4 hours. I stream a variety of games across multiple platforms including PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Tuesday ● 6 PM ●

Wednesday ● 6 PM ●

Sunday ● 6 PM ●


How do I get in contact with you?

You can get hold of me via email for business or collaboration enquiries. I am also available on social media and through Discord if you would like to talk to me about anything else.

For Business Enquiries – contactminikin@gmail.com





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