3 Tips For Playing Mercy in Overwatch

3 Tips For Playing Mercy in Overwatch

Let’s face it, Mercy has not had the easiest time in Overwatch. Constant reworks and changes mean that her healing capabilities are always adjusting. I would argue that as a result, she is one of the hardest characters in the game to grasp. I have learnt a lot along the way as a support main and I thought I would share them with you today! 

Tip one: Movement, Invasiveness and Mobility

As a support you are going to be first pickings by the enemy team. You are going to be constantly targeted first and foremost above the tanks and damage characters. Especially Mercy as she can resurrect team mates. To be the best support you can be you need to stay alive. You can’t heal your team if you are dead after all. Not to mention, some of the time you will be the only healer on the team so there wont be anyone else to take over if you get picked off. 

This is why movement, invasiveness and mobility are important. Be “slippery” as its often called. Mercy comes equipped with abilities that make it possible for her to keep out of the enemy teams grasp.

Guardian Angel: enables Mercy to fly between players and only wills a 1.5 second cool down. Use this as much as you can even when you think you don’t need to. She flies across so quickly that most players wont be able to get you in flight. 

Valkyrie: Mercy’s ultimate ability allows you to get up in the air for a period of time and fly above the other players. This is useful for invasiveness as it takes you directly out of the combat below while you heal your team from the skies. 

Jumping up and down is also a helpful technique for avoiding fired shots from DPS. If you are not stationery it makes it more difficult for shots to land and kill you. You are extremely vulnerable every second that you are stood still not moving. You need to be constantly on the move by flying, running, jumping and so on.

Tip Two: Don’t just heal 

Yes, you are there to keep your team mates’ health bars full but it is also helpful to the players on your team to help them dish out additional damage with her damage boost beam. Mercy also comes equipped with her own gun for safety in 1v1 situations. If you see someone low on health hiding away get your blaster out and pick them off! Of course damage shouldn’t be your main focus but it can still be helpful at times.

Tip Three: Focus

Sometimes there will be characters on your team that you should focus on more than others. Shield tanks for example. They allow your team to deal damage from behind the safety of a shield which is extremely valuable on choke point maps. These are where there is only one direct way for the enemy to get to the objective. Hanamura is a good example of this, the enemy team can only enter via the entrance doors or the little side window above right next to it. With a shield tank in place your team can remain safe behind the shield while ensuring the enemy to not pass the choke point.By focusing the shield tank this way you are providing safety to your whole team by keeping that one player alive.

Those were my three tips for improving your Mercy gameplay in Overwatch. I hope these tips help you to get that gold healing medal in every match!

Happy Healing and Merry Christmas!

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