3 Tips for Mastering Moira in Overwatch

3 Tips for Mastering Moira in Overwatch

As most of my community will know, I am a Moira main through and through. Ever since she was added to the game I have been obsessed! I love her play style and her ability to balance healing and damage outputs in a match. I recently hit 100 hours on Moira, so I thought I would put together my 3 top tips I learnt along the way.


While Moira has the ability to dish out some serious damage, she is support. That means your team are relying on you to keep them healed throughout the match. This should be your priority over everything else, use your bionic grasp as much as you can. Prioritise the most important roles in your team, I usually prioritise keeping the tanks topped up if I am the only support on the team. If you are working alongside a Mercy you should have the chance to focus more on the rest of the team but still keep a keen eye on the tanks just in case the Mercy dies.

Also use your healing orb over your damage orb. The healing orb offers more healing per second than the damage orb deals damage per second. The healing orb is able to do up to 300 health over 4 seconds (75 per second) where the damage orb only does 200 damage over 4 seconds (50 per second). Bounce them off surfaces where you can get it to bounce back between your team. Maps where the objective is in a sheltered area are the best for this.


Moira is completely invulnerable to damage during her fade. She can move 15 meters over 0.8 seconds and the cool down is only 6 seconds. This means, if timed correctly, you can survive a D.va or a Junkrat ultimate successfully. You can dash out of Mei’s Blizzard and get away from being frozen as well as Zarya’s Graviton Surge. The list of evadable situations is endless! Stuck by a Tracer bomb? Fade. In the middle of a Meteor Strike? Fade. You can even Fade through a Wrecking Ball Minefield! The less deaths and longer you can survive the more healing you can do for your team. Surviving as support is key as you will often come back to a team of critical’s if you die. Here is a clip of me using Fade to survive a D.va Self Destruct:

3. Group up with your team!

I cannot stress enough the importance of staying close-by your team. Group up. In the name of all that is holy, group the hell up. Moiras bionic grasp healing ability means she can spread her healing across multiple allies. This, in my opinion, gives her a slight edge over Mercy who can only heal one team member at a time. Moreover, her healing orb can also stick to multiple team members and top up their health bar also. Going on a killing spree single handedly without your team is never going to end well and you are not only doing yourself a disservice but also your team that are relying on you as support. Stick to your role and stick to your team.

I hope some of you found these 3 tips helpful! What are your top tips and tricks to excel as Moira in Overwatch? 

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