3 Tips For Playing Mercy in Overwatch

Let’s face it, Mercy has not had the easiest time in Overwatch. Constant reworks and changes mean that her healing capabilities are always adjusting. I would argue that as a result,…

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The Pokemon Go Winter Event is here!

Christmas is fast approaching and with the festive season in full swing Pokémon Go has launched its 2018 Winter Event. Starting December 18th Ice-type Pokèmon will appear more frequently out in…

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Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee: My Review

I don’t know about you guys but the weeks leading up to the release of  Pokémon Let’s Go I was so excited. It is sometimes dangerous to let yourself get…

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Escaping Reality With The Sims 4: My Current Household

In testing times when living day-to-day is a struggle and things just pile up and become too much to cope with video games are my escape. This week has been…

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Shining a positive light on gaming: Video Games and Wellness

Anyone who actively participates in video gaming or online gaming communities will know that there are very negative connotations associated with gaming. Especially in 2018 with compulsive video gaming actually…

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